Dimension ranges

Rolled billet

30-300 mm

Peeled steel bar

16-102 mm

Drawn steel bar

5-100 mm

Rolled steel bar

16-350 mm

Forged steel bar

230-1000 mm


upon request


upon request

Flat steel

upon request


upon request

Angle steel

upon request

Stainless steel sheets


Sheets cut from coil

Surface processing available

Welded tubes

upon request

Seamless tubes

upon request

Hollow steel

upon request


Quality steels

Material designation Material number Standard
S355J21.0577EN 10025-2
C351.0501EN 10083
C451.0503EN 10083
C551.0535EN 10083
C601.0601EN 10083
further quality steels

Case hardening steels

Material designation Material number Standard
C151.0401EN 10084
15NiCr131.5752EN 10084
20NiCrMo2-21.6523EN 10084
18CrNiMo7-61.6587EN 10084
28Cr41.7030EN 10084
16MnCr5*1.7131EN 10084
20MnCr5*1.7147EN 10084
16/20MnCr5*1.7131/1.7147EN 10084
20MoCr41.7321EN 10084
further case hardening steels

Quenched and tempered steels

Material designation Material number Standard
25CrMo4 *1.7218EN 10083
34CrMo4 *1.7220EN 10083
42CrMo4 *1.7225EN 10083
50CrMo4 *1.7228EN 10083
34CrNiMo61.6582EN 10083
30CrNiMo81.6580EN 10083
34Cr41.7033EN 10083
41Cr41.7035EN 10083
51CrV41.8159EN 10083
52CrMoV41.7701EN 10089

further quenched and tempered steels

Pressure vessel and creep-resistant steels

Material designation Material number Standard
P250GH (C22.8)1.0460EN 10273
S355NL (TSTE355)1.0546EN 10025-3
P355NH1.0565EN 10273
16Mo31.5415EN 10273
13CrMO4-51.7335EN 10273
10CrMo9-101.7380EN 10273
P460NH1.8935EN 10273
A350 LF2ASTM A 350
further pressure vessel and creep-resistant steels

Nitriding steels

Material designation Material number Standard
34CrAlMo5-101.8507EN 10085
31CrMoV91.8519EN 10085
34CrAlNi7-101.8550EN 10085

further nitriding steels

Chain steels

Material designation Material number Standard
23MnNiCrMo5-21.6541DIN 17115
23MnNiMoCr5-41.6758DIN 17115
further chain steels

Boron steels

Material designationMaterial numberStandard
20MnB51.5530EN 10083-3
30MnB51.5531EN 10083-3
38MnB51.5532EN 10083-3
32CrB41.7076EN 10263
36CrB41.7077EN 10263
27MnCrB5-21.7182EN 10083-3
33MnCrB5-21.7185EN 10083-3
further boron steels

Micro-alloyed steels

Material designationMaterial numberStandard
30MnVS61.1302EN 10267
38MnVS61.1303EN 10267
further micro-alloyed steels

Rolling bearing steels

Material designationMaterial numberStandard
100Cr61.3505EN ISO 683-17
100CrMo71.3537EN ISO 683-17
further rolling bearing steels

Tool steels

Material designationMaterial numberStandard
X210Cr121.2080EN ISO 4957
X37CrMoV5-11.2343EN ISO 4957
X40CrMoV5-11.2344EN ISO 4957
X153CrMoV121.2379EN ISO 4957
55NiCrMoV71.2714EN ISO 4957

further cold and hot-working steels

Stainless steels

Material designationMaterial numberStandard
X5CrNi18-101.4301EN 10088
X8CrNiS18-91.4305EN 10088
X10CrNi18-81.4310EN 10088
X2CrNiMo17-12-21.4404EN 10088
X5CrNiMo17-12-21.4401EN 10088
X2CrNiMo18-14-31.4435EN 10088
X6CrNiMoTi17-12-21.4571EN 10088

further austenitic stainless,
acid and heat-resistant steels

X6Cr171.4016EN 10088
X14CrMoS171.4104EN 10088
X6CrMoS171.4105EN 10088
X6CrMo17-11.4113EN 10088

further ferritic rust,
acid and heat-resistant steels

X20Cr131.4021EN 10088
X46Cr131.4034EN 10088
X17CrNi16-21.4057EN 10088
X90CrMoV181.4112EN 10088
X39CrMo17-11.4122EN 10088

further martensitic stainless,
acid and heat-resistant steels

X3CrNiMoN27-5-21.4460EN 10088
X2CrNiMoN22-5-31.4462EN 10088
X8CrNiMoAl15-7-21.4532EN 10088
further duplex steels

ZF grades

Material designation


The material can be delivered in the following heat-treated states:



Can be forged, compressed and cold-sheared

Ferrite/pearlite structure annealing

Spherical cementite annealing

Quenched and tempered to various strength classes

Fine-grained microstructure annealing